10 Animal Hybrids That Shocked The World!

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Who said crossing dog breeds is a recent development? Scientists have been experimenting with cross breeding for over a hundred years now. In the early 1900’s, with the advent of Charles Darwin’s ‘The Origin Of Species’ and the widespread experimentation on animals, cross breeding between animals for scientific reasons became a norm.

This led to a lot of very weird trend among scientists and the result was a bunch of hybrid animals, most of which were funny, rather than useful. While horses and the cat family were the most experimented with, there are a few other amusing looking animals.

Take a look at our list of unbelievable animal hybrids

1. The Geep


The Geep is a cross between the Goat and Sheep and was an accidental far mix-up, however, since then an artificially inseminated cross-breed between the two farm animals was created called Chimera.

2. Dzo or Dzomo


The Dzo is a very rare sight and is the product of domesticated cattle (preferably Cow) being crossbred with the wild and mighty Yak. The Dzo is a male hybrid, whereas the Dzomo is a female.


3. Zorse (Zebra and Horse)


A Zorse is a Zebroid which is the resulting phenomenon of crossbreeding between a Zebra and any other equine. Zorse is a combination of the horse and the zebra.

4. Cama (Camel and Llama)


What would you get if you crossed an (Arabian Desert) Camel and a Llama? The Cama, of course. The Cama is an interesting looking animal, but most cross-breeds are.

5. Wholphin


Wholphin is a rare phenomenon that occurs when False Killer Whales mate with bottlenose Dolphins.

6. Savannah Cat


While many thought that The Savannah Cat was a different species altogether, it was actually a hybrid of the African Serval and the common domestic Cat. They look like slightly bigger leopard furred cats.

7. Grolar Bear


The Grolar Bear was a Grizzly and Polar Bear cross that astonished scientists when they first spotted it, however, the theory that followed was that Polar Bears had migrated to Grizzly territory.

8. Coywolf 


A hybrid of the Grey Wolf and the coyote, the coywolf is an anomaly by itself, with the Grey Wolf being more of a vicious animal and the Coyote although part of the wolf family is a little shy.

9. Tigon


A Male Tiger and a Female Lion unite to make the Tigon. They are very rare and are barely bred. They inherit the tiger’s looks with spots and stripes, and can roar both as a lion and a tiger. They are quite social and love swimming.

10. Liger


Ligers are an offspring of a Male Lion and a Female Tiger. They are the biggest cats in the world and can weigh up to 1600 lbs. The average tiger weighs 500 lbs and the average lion weighs around 600 lbs, so it is bigger than both its parents. It may or may not have a mane.

So which one of these hybrid animals would you like to adopt as a pet? Liger is the favourite of all considering its height, weight and the fact that it is a social ‘big cat’.

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