10 Deadly Dictators Who Ruled With an Iron Fist

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When we talk about the infamous dictators of the 20th Century, many names come to mind and so do their heinous crimes.Most of the atrocities committed by these heads of state were beyond human and civil liberties were thrown out of the window without a second thought.

Here is a look at the worst dictators of the last 100 years and how many people they killed:

1. Adolf Hitler (Germany)

Toll: 17 to 20 Million



2. Josef Stalin (USSR)

Toll: 40 to 62 Million



3. Mao Zedong (China)

Toll: 45 to 70 Million

Mao Zedong


4. Pol Pot (Cambodia)

Toll: 1.7 Million to 2.4 Million




5. Idi Amin Dada (Uganda)

Toll: 500,000 Estimated


idi amin


6. Omar Al-Bashir (Sudan)

Toll: More than 400,000




7. Mehmed Talat Pasha (Turkey)

Toll: More than 1 Million



8. Saddam Hussein (Iraq)

Toll: 2 Million



9. Chiang Kai Shek (China)

Toll: 10 Million

chiang kai shek



10. Hideki Tojo (Japan)

Toll: 4 Million




These are a few of the dictators that made life on earth hell for their own people and their enemies. They have slaughtered and displaced people in the millions.

Do let us know if you have any suggestions or if you feel we have left something out.

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