10 Of The Largest And Driest Deserts In The World

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The hottest places in the world are usually deserts, but what do we really know about these seas of sand? Were they always like this, or did this happen due to an event or a series of events, climate change or some other occurrences that are yet to be determined? 

They say some of them like the Sahara used to receive rain the equivalent of a tropical forest thousands of years ago with lush greenery to compliment it.

Antarctica, despite being covered in ice is still one of the biggest deserts in the world, due to the lack of vegetation and is known as the Ice Desert.

Here is a list of the largest deserts in the world, be it in size, temperature, dryness or accessibility, they all have one trait in common, they are all unforgiving.

10. Chihuahuan Desert


Area: 450,000 sq. km

Countries Covered: North America – USA and Mexico

Average temperature: 24° Celsius

9. Great Basin Desert


Area: 492,000 sq. km

Countries Covered: North America – USA

Average temperature: 32° Celsius


8. Syrian Desert


Area: 520,000 sq. km

Countries Covered: Asia (West)- Syria, Jordan, Iraq

Average temperature: 30.8° Celsius


7. Patagonian / Atacama Desert


Area: 620,000 sq. km

Countries Covered: South America – Argentina, Chile

Average temperature: 21° Celsius to 40° Celsius


6. Great Victorian Desert


Area: 647,000 sq. km

Countries Covered: Australia – Victoria

Average temperature: 23° Celsius to 40° Celsius


5. The Kalahari Desert


Area: 9,000,000 sq. km

Countries Covered: Africa – Angola, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa

Average temperature: More than 40° Celsius


4. The Gobi Desert 

Area: 1,000,000 sq. km

Countries Covered: Central Asia – China, Mongolia

Average temperature: 40° Celsius to 50° Celsius


3. The Arabian Desert


Area: 2,330,000 sq. km

Countries Covered: West Asia / Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Iraq

Average temperature: 40° Celsius to 54° Celsius


2. The Sahara


Area: 9,000,000 sq. km

Countries Covered: North / North West Africa – Egypt, Chad, Sudan, Niger, Mali, Libya, Morocco, Eritrea, Tunisia, Algeria and some unclaimed parts of Western Africa

Average temperature: More than 40° Celsius


1. The Continent of Antarctica 


Area: 14000000 sq. km

Countries Covered: Antarctica

Average temperature: -49° Celsius to -89° Celsius

That is the list for the biggest and baddest deserts on the world today. Antarctica may not have the heat and dryness but it is a desert all the same, and the Sahara covers 8% of the world’s land area with the Arabian Desert not far off, but some of these deserts though small have proven to be deadlier, like the Gobi Desert and the Patagonian Atacama Desert.

Feel we have left something out?

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