10 Famous Cities: Through The Lens Of Time

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The world has changed a lot in the past century. We have been through many a revolution, a number of freedom struggles, two big wars that cleaned out a quarter of the population and many smaller wars, technological developments in computers, mobile phones, clean energy and so much more.

But what did the world look like back then? Before all these wars and advancements that changed the faces of our metropolitans and cities.

Here is a sneak peak:

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Back in 1990


Dubai Now

dubai now


2. Seoul, South Korea

Back in 1900


Seoul Now

Seoul South Korea



3. Singapore City, Singapore

In 1950



Present Day:

Singapore Now


4. Tokyo, Japan –


Tokio Old

And Now

Tokio Images



5. Sydney, Australia

Back in 1932

Old Sydney

Sydney Now

sydney images



6. Shenzen, China –

Back in 1964

Old Shenzhen

And Now

Shenzhen night street


7. Athens City, Greece –

Back in 1862

Athens old images

And Now,

greese images

8. Berlin, Germany –

Just moments after World War in 1945

Berlin in 1945

And Modern Day Berlin

Berlin city night images




9. London, United Kingdom

In 1900


And Now



10. New York, USA –

The Big Apple in 1930

NY 30's


And Now in 2016

NY Now



These cities have gone through so many changes, they are hardly recognizable from their older counterparts. Technology and Globalization has spared none of these famous world capitals.

Berlin and Tokyo seems to have gone through the most of all these cities, although New York and London are visibly much more advanced than back in the good old days.

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