10 Beautiful Places You Wouldn’t Dare Visit

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Our planet is a beautiful place with both Natural and Historic Wonders places all over the globe. They say in order to have a fulfilled life you have to travel to every nook and corner.

Travelling the world has become so common now, almost all of us have a friend in some other country taking selfies of their exploits. It is almost tempting to pack up your bags yourself and head on to your very own world tour.

We always plan ahead for a vacation, some of us for years, some of us, just for a few days, and some of us will just pack our bags and scoot to the nearest haven when we get the opportunity.

However, do be warned that the whole world isn’t the happy-go-lucky place you think it. Here are 10 Places you definitely should rethink before visiting

10. Edgewalk and Lean Off of the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

CN Tower

Imagine being suspended by nothing more than a couple of safety harnesses, atop one of the tallest buildings in the world? People from all parts of the world, of all ages and cultures, head on to the CN Tower in Toronto to take a look at the view of the exquisite landscape and to face one of the biggest fears of their lives. Just a word of caution, though, do not look down.

9. Hiking and Biking through the Gozo Cliffs, Malta



Mentioned in Homer’s famous epic, The Odyssey, The Gozo Cliffs have been known for centuries for its breathtaking beauty. However, adrenaline junkies have been lining up to the island to conquer those very cliffs that are as dangerous as they are beautiful. Biking to bungee jumping to BASE jumping to hang gliding and diving along those fatal mountains has taken the lives of many travellers and locals alike.

8. Edge of the World at Troll Tunga, Norway


Norway isn’t just a white blanket like most people think it is. It has some amazing trekking spots that are both beautiful and dangerous. The Troll Tunga is one of the most scenic locations in the world, however, the path to get to this paradise is treacherous. The reward can be equally scary. You can let your legs hang from 2,300 feet above the Lake Ringedalsvatnet.


7. Darvaza Crater / The Door To Hell, Turkmenistan


The Soviet Union conducted a lot of experiments during their regime, one of which was drilling a 230 feet hole in Derweze, Turkmenistan to attempt to extract oil reserves in 1971. They were unsuccessful and in turn discovered a large amount of poisonous methane gas. The Scientists panicked and decided to put the place on fire with the hope that the gas would burn out. 40 years on, The Door To Hell has still been on fire and has still not burned out. Now it is a tourist attraction, although tourists are warned not to get too close.

6. A Kings Seat at Devils Pool, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – Zambia   

Victoria Falls

Sit on the edge of the biggest waterfall in the world is possible? Have you heard of the Devil’s Seat in the Victoria Falls. At the mouth of the waterfall, just before the plunge, there is a tiny pool that allows you to drink in one of the best sceneries in the world. You literally feel like you are on top of the world, but be wary, a sudden current can carry you down the biggest waterfall in the world.


5. Sizzle in The Frying Pan Lake, New Zealand

Frying Pan Lake

A series of volcanic eruptions converted this lake into The Frying Pan Lake, the largest pot of boiling water in the world, with steam and everything. A stark contrast to the Boiling lake of Cameroon that killed over a 1000 people back in 1986, the Frying Pan Lake is said to be over 60,000 years . However, constant eruptions have altered the appearance of the lake considerably, except for all that hot steam that is. Red alert, please do not attempt to swim here.

4. The Bubbling Mud Volcanoes of Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan boasts of nearly 800 Mud Volcanoes, which are said to have originated around 25 Million years ago. They are said to be the product of gasses that are deep in the core of the earth that are released at high temperatures into the atmosphere. Although these volcanoes are smaller in size, they have the ability to release a flame of 1000 meters. Scientists speculate that the Mud Volcanoes could be similar to the surface of Mars and have been studying it intently. Petroleum and other mineral deposits are said to have been found in the area.

3. Face your fears at Ilha da Queimada Grande, The Snake Island, Brazil

Snake Island

If the movie Anaconda scared you, this island will definitely be your worst nightmare. Picture an island filled with snakes, and not just any kind, the most venomous vipers in the world. It is said that there is a snake for every 6 yards. Besides, the snake’s venom is said to be so deadly, it can melt through skin. Scientists say that the snake is 5 to 6 times more venomous than mainland snakes. Just a few miles off the coast of Sao Paolo, this is one place you are better off not visiting.

2. Take a deep breath at the Nyos Lake, Cameroon


On first glance, Lake Nyos is actually quite beautiful. With rare and colourful flora and fauna surrounding the lake, it does seem like the ideal location for a holiday destination. However, in 1986, this peaceful lake killed nearly 1,800 people and injured much more within a 25kn radius. Apparently, the lake sits right on a deep inactive volcano and its water shoots out bursts of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide when the bed is disturbed.

1. Stuck in Rock Preikestolen, Norway

Rock Preikestolen, Norway

The Preikestolen Rock or The Pulpit Rock is another famous landmark in Norway, and just like the Troll Tunga, it is a dangerous beauty. Imagine standing on a rock (25 by 25 metres) lodged between two mountains with nothing beneath to support it. And what’s more, if you do miss a step, you are going to have a freefall of nearly 2000 metres. The cost of being able to have your legs planted on two different hills at the same time could be quite expensive, so watch out!

We warned you they were dangerous. Second thoughts about vacationing?


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