10 Sports You Never Knew Existed!

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Most of us have a favourite sport. Maybe Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Volleyball, Golf or any of the other several popular sports played around the world.
But what about the not so popular sports that are still entertaining crowds around the world.

While Bull Fighting is on its way to get banned completely, there are a few others that are still making the rounds.

Cardboard Tube Dueling and Chess Boxing have become famous off late among the masses.

Maybe you can try your hand at a few of them, and become world champion maybe.


10. Cardboard Tube Dueling League, Worldwide (Cardboard Tube Dueling)

Cardboard Tube Dueling images


9. Toe Wrestling Championship, Ashbourne, England (Toe Wrestling)


Toe Wrestling


8. Wife Carrying Competition, Finland (Wife Carrying)

Wife Carrying


7. Pesapallo, Finland – Germany – Sweden – Switzerland – Australia (Finnish Baseball)

Pesapallo images


6. Chess Boxing Championship, Worldwide (Chess Boxing)

Chess Boxing


5. Buzkashi, Central Asia – Afghanisthan (Kokpar Kupkar)




4. Camel Racing Championship, Australia – Middle East – North East Africa (Camel Racing)

Camel Racing


3. Bossaball World Cup, Spain – Brazil (Bossaball)



2.World Championship of Yukigassen, Japan – Norway – Australia – Finland – Canada – Sweden (Yukigassen) 



1. International Quidditch Association Championship, – Worldwide (Real Quidditch)



A wife carrying championship? A lot of pressure on the spouse for that one!

And yes, that’s right all you Harry Potter fans out there, Quidditch is now a real sport with a real championship!

Think we missed something? Do let us know in our comment section!

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