10 Things You Did Not Know About The Amazon

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We all know that The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world. We also know that the Amazon River is the largest in the world, and has the biggest river mouth in the world. It also boasts of more than 5 Million of the world’s 10 Million species of animals and has close to 16,000 species of trees.

The Amazon waters over 9 countries and has helped ecosystems thrive for over 55 Million years.

But here are a few things you probably didn’t know about the Mighty Amazon


1. For three weeks every year the full moon causes a tidal wave to roll up the Amazon river every single night. Some surfers have been known to ride the wave for over 10 kilometers.

Amazon Surf Wave


2. A river exists below the Amazon. It is called the Rio Hamza and is over 4 kilometres deep

River Images





3. This picture features a rare tribe that has never been in contact with other humans.



4. An island the size of Switzerland named Marajo is completely enclosed by the Amazon Delta

Amazon River



5. Before The Amazon flowed into the Atlantic, it used to naturally flow into the Pacific Ocean, millions of years ago

Amazon River Images


6. Pestalotiopsis Microspora, a certain mushroom kind of fungus discovered in Amazon can actually live exclusively on a diet of plastic.



7. A 3300-poundfish that lives in the Amazon called Arapaimam is covered in armor to protect it from piranha bites.



8. Scientists have found that winds from the Sahara Desert sweep 40 million tons of dust across the Atlantic Ocean and onto the Amazon Basin every single year.



9. The Amazon got its name when female warriors attacked Spanish explorer Francisco Orellana. He named the river Rio Amazonas as he compared the female warriors to the Amazons of Greek mythology.





10. Most Western Countries have around 200 varieties of fruits, whereas the Amazon has a staggering 3,000 fruits



Does the Amazon seem more mysterious now?

Let us know if you have more Amazing Amazon facts on the comments section.


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