15 Creative Bed Designs You Can Only Dream Of

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We spend atleast a quarter of our lives sleeping. After a hard day’s work, all you want to do is get home and collapse into your bed, with no care whatsoever. Sometimes, though, your bed turns out to bore you, to add to the mundane-ness of your life and your mood.

This is when people tend to turn towards more exciting designs to adorn their resting abode, after all, sleep is one of the most important activities in a human being’s life.

Take a look at some creatively designed beds on the planet.


1. Molecular Bed

Molecular Bed

This looks like a chemistry scientist’s bed, but it is one of the most comfortable beds out there!


2. Rocking Bed

Rock yourself to sleep like a baby with this stylish and creative bed.


3. Book Beds


Turn the pages of life and have a happy ending with the Happy Ending Bed!


4. Loopita Bed


Make your bed any shape, any size and fit it the way you want with this customizable bed.


5. Barrel Bed


Have barrels and barrels of fun with the Barrel Bed!


6. Earthquake Bed


Earthquake Beds

Earthquake? Nuclear Holocaust? Zombie Apocalypse? Asteroid attack? No problem! Just hop into the Earthquake bed and stay safe as a house.


7. Bed of Lawns


Take the term ‘One With Nature’ to the next level with this grass bed. Watch out for ants!


8. Magnetic Floating Bed

Magnetic Floating Bed

A floating bed? Defy the laws of gravity as you are snoring away in dream land.


9. Never-Ending Bed


Never Ending Beds

What will be longer? The length of your sleep time or length of your bed?


10. Pizza Bed



Get Your Favorite Toppings on your Favorite Bed Pizza


11. Fish Tank Bed


Lover of the ‘Jaws’ movie franchise? Or just a marine lover? This setting is handcrafted to suit your resting needs!



12. Race Car Bed

Car Beds

Michael Schumacher fan? Live your race car dreams with your race car bed!


13. Bird’s Nest Bed

Bird Nest Bed

See what a bird feels like with your very own nest!


14.Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Bed


Take a ride on Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage Bed and help her look for that lost shoe and make a fairytale of your own.


15.Hanging Bed

Hanging Bed

Suspend yourself from a tree or a high place and live your worst fears. Imagine taking a nap with nothing but air below you!

That is a wrap with our Uniquest Beds of All Time! Feel you have something to contribute? Do buzz us in the comments section below!



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