30 Perfectly Timed Photos

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Owning an expensive SLR does not make someone a good photographer. Photography is all about enhancing capturing a particular subject at the right moment. The timing is generally the key as it can make or break your photo. 

So check out these 30 perfectly timed photos which are a mixture of hilarity and creativity.

1. They wanted some diet coke

Perfectly timed photo diet coke


2. The flying Dutchman….actually flying.

Flying Dutchman perfectly timed photo

3. Hey, I wasn’t done with that. 

seagull takes ice cream perfect timing


4.  “Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife……..?” “I hoot.”

woman marries owl perfectly timed photo


5. Who needs sails when you got the moon.

sailor moon


6. Ice bucket challenge taken to the next level.

sand perfectly timed photo


7. Wait, wait, wait…I got it.

Bohemian Waxwing perfectly timed photo



8. My head feels weird.

Yawn perfectly timed photo


9. The heights of laziness.

perfectly timed photo Tuileries Garden


10. Who says money can’t get you everything?

supermoon shot perfectly timed photo


11. Am I doing it right…Quick take a picture.

perfectly timed photo nap time

12. Aahhh, this isn’t where I parked my car.

perfectly timed photo life circle


13. Spot the odd one out (no prizes for guessing)

soldier yawning perfect timing


14. See you in another life brother!

honeybees final sting



15. Hey, get off my shot!

perfectly timed photo hand


16. who cares what I wear below the belt.



17. Finally some water, Weeeeeeeee!!! 



18. And that’s how Jason broke his arm.

broken arm


19. Oh my god, it ‘s just a mirage!



20. Only losers play with footballs



21.  Did someone order the moon?



22. Lightning never strikes the same place twice.

looks horrible


23. Look it’s the Bat Signal.

airplane passing the mooon perfect timing


24. Gotcha sucker!

spear fishing perfect timing


25.  What has this guy been smoking?

statue cloud perfect timing


26. Eiffel Tower relocated to a different location

eiffel tower crane perfect timing


27. AAAHH, the crystal ball says…..

obama wizard perfect timing


28. Looks solid enough. 

snowboarder walking on moon perfect timing


29.  Finally someone else lifts Thor’s hammer (or wait, is it a torch?)

lightning strikes statue of liberty perfect timing


30. Well, there was room for one more.

full moon olympic rings london bridge



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