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With so many technological innovations and developments popping up on a daily basis, it is understandable if you are a little confused as to which of these gadgets are actually worth buying. Since they are constantly getting outdated, they turn to junk in the backyard and are barely used again.

But then there are bound to be a few gadgets and accessories that bear the test of time and remain evergreen. Here are a few such gadgets that are still coming into the market.

Let us know if you think they actually serve their many purposes or are just a one time wonder –

1. Ulo Home-Monitoring Owl


CCTV Surveillance is a thing of the past now. With the impending need of higher security, many company’s have been coming out with their own surveillance systems. However Ulo has taken it to the next level. Ulo is a device that looks like an Owl that can be placed in an area to be monitored. It can be operated using your Cell Phone. You can place it anywhere you like and start recording, you can even take pictures with the Ulo. It is user friendly and has been tested by leading security companies.

2. Windamp


Valley Wind Technologies brings to you the Windamp, an air amplifying electric fan that does not use the traditional bigger more dangerous blades of a table fan. Rather, the blades are pressed safely inside the frame of the device. You can even change the speed of the fan to suit your needs. The monitor like fan can reduce power consumption. and is said to be more efficient by at least 50% when compared to table fans or ceiling fans. It is portable as well, which is an added benefit as it reduces the cost of installing fans in every room.

3. Yantouch Eye Portable Wireless Smart Speakers


These Smart Speakers literally look like eyes and has lights with over 16,000 colors surrounding it that can be changed through a remote control or an app. It is one of the most powerful speakers among the portable speakers and the lights make this bad boy an awesome camping companion too. Get up to 10 hours of battery life, and combine the smooth yet strong sound with the colorful lights and the durability and you got yourself a speaker that you wont get bored of any time soon.

4. Cowarobot R1 Robot Suitcase



A briefcase that follows its owner even when it is not being handled using sensors and sonar technology alongside GPS and more. The Cowarobot is the ultimate travel companion. You do not have to worry about pushing your bag through the crowds in airports, train stations anymore. And if you ever do feel alone when travelling, remember there is someone right beside you. You can even locate it, in case of emergencies.

5. CityGo Urban Scooter



A portable lightweight scooter that you can carry with you and works on batteries as well as manual riding. This next generation scooter can be connected to your Cell Phone telling you battery power, distance traveled, transmission from automatic to manual, GPS, keeps a track of the weight lost, a breaking system and so much more. Transport that fits in your bag and you can use it anywhere and it is Eco-friendly!

These are some of the newest inventions that are yet to be revealed to the public. Keep your fingers crossed and wait for these products to hit the shelves and make your life a little bit easier.

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