50 People Having Their Worst Day Ever

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All of us have had that day when everything went wrong and we were forced to recall Lemony Snicket’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

The people in these pictures are having that sort of a day; only their bad day was caught on camera. 

#1.  The owner of this toothbrush

worst day 1


#2. Worst place to get stuck!

worst day 2


#3.  This woman that was doing so well in staying dry…

worst day 3


#4. All the people who decided to spend their spring break at Sandy Beach

worst day 4


#5. The owner of this bike

worst day 5


#6. This veteran who deserved better

worst day 6


#7. This not so happy groom

worst day 7


#8. This little girl who went a little overboard with the paint

worst day 8


#9. These doomed cheerleaders

worst day 9


#10. The flight passenger that has to sit next to this weirdo

worst day 11


#11. The guy who stayed out in the sun for a little too long

worst day 12


#12. The owners of this Porsche, Ferrari and Mustang

worst day 13


#13. The guy who was just trying to get to work

worst day 14


#14. This mess

worst day 15


#15. This guy who’s about to get gored

worst day 16


#16. That feeling when you lock your keys in your car

worst day 17


#17. Spray tans can be the worst

worst day 18


#18. He thought he’d ride in like a hero

worst day 19


#19. He was just trying to pass

worst day 20


#20. We’re not sure how something like this could even happen

worst day 21


#21. There’s a reason you’re not supposed to park there

worst day 22


#22. Hope this picture was taken by a smartphone

worst day 23


#23. Cats can really be the worst

worst day 25


#24. That moment when someone takes an open invitation too literally

worst day 26


#25. No words needed!

worst day 27


#26. Well, those things do contain a lot of sugar

worst day 28


#27. When breaking one egg just isn’t enough

worst day 29


#28. The definition of “wrong place, wrong time.”

worst day 30


#29. But did the gopher say yes?

worst day 31


#30. They just wanted to feed the dog

worst day 32


#31. Well, we’ve all been there — but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to look at

worst day 10


#32. Good thing these aren’t expensive

worst day 33


#33. When you’re starving and McDonald’s miss your order

worst day 34


#34. This just isn’t cool

worst day ever


#35. Life comes at you fast

bad day


#36. Somewhere, they took a wrong turn

worst day 37


#37. A cannonball gone wrong

worst day 38


#38. We’re not sure how this happened, but it’s bad

worst day 39


#39. Someone’s getting fired over this

worst day 40


#40. Whoops

worst day 41


#41. When the Chipotle gets you too excited

worst day 42


#42. This had to hurt

worst day 43


#43. Commuting can be a real pain in the neck


#44. When the only way to go is down

worst day 45


#45. What was he looking in the trash can?

worst day 46


#46. When nature decides to mess with you

worst day 47


#47. The guy who decided it would be a good idea to purchase his MacBook from China

worst day 48


#48. Nothing like Dad puking on you

worst day 49


#49. The person who learned the hard way you can’t have a cake and eat it too

worst day 50


#50. The owner of that suitcase

worst day 51


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