Top 9 Flying Machines Invented by Man

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Mankind has always been obsessed by the idea of flying ever since he learnt to invent things. As a result, over the ages, many people came up with various ideas and inventions before the first actual flying device came into existence.

Although many believe that the first flying device was invented by the Wright brothers, this is not entirely true. The Wright brothers did invent the first aeroplane in 1903, but they were not the pioneers of flying machines.

Other inventors had already devised a number of flying machines, a long time before the Wright brothers. So check out these top nine flying inventions devised by man.


1 . Hot Air Balloon

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A hot air balloon is a flying device that uses heated air to remain afloat.


2. Ornithopter

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An Ornithopter is a flying machine that flies by flapping its wings, similar to a bird or a flying insect.


3. Airship

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An airship is similar to a hot air balloon expect the fact that it has an engine for a controlled powered flight.


4. Glider

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A glider is an aircraft that has no engines. It flies by the dynamic reaction of air against its lifting surfaces.

5. Biplane


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A biplane is a fixed-wing aircraft with two main wings stacked one above the other. It contains a single rotary engine.


6. Helicopter

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A helicopter is an aircraft which flies with the help of rotors. Unlike aeroplanes, helicopters are able to take off and land vertically.


7. Hang Glider


A hang glider is a light, non-motorized, foot-launched aircraft used mostly for recreational activities. Like gliders, this aircraft files due to the dynamic reaction of air against its lifting surfaces.


8. Jet Airliner

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A jet airliner is an aircraft powered by jet engines. They usually have two or four jet engines.


9. Space Shuttle


A space shuttle is an aircraft which is designed to go to outer space. Space shuttles have rocket engines, which give them the necessary thrust to escape from the Earth’s gravitational pull.


Do you know of any other flying machines? if you do, feel free to comment.

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