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A Day In The Life Of Action Movie Kid!

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Ever wondered what it would be like to be the kid of an Animator/Visual Effects Designer for Dreamworks? Well, if you are Daniel Hashimoto’s son, you are probably the luckiest kid on earth! 

Daniel Hashimoto, a Dreamworks Animation Visual Development Artist, has taken to using his son, James, as the lead in Hollywood’s newest action movie, “Action Movie Kid”.

action mov kid


Hashimoto has put together a few home videos of his kid fooling around and added what he does best, straight out of this world visual effects.

The video that features The Matrix, Light Sabers, Spewing Lava, a McDonalds play area turning into a spaceship and much more has been doing the rounds in Social Media.


His Lego gun (That sometimes can become a laser gun) wielding son, James, though, has no complaints. James is living out his childhood fantasies, and with style!

Surely besides being the youngest action movie star, James Hashimoto is also one of the luckiest kids alive!


StyleBaby Fun

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