15 Movies Banned for Carrying Controversial Content

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Film censorship varies from region to region as movies which are pegged as offensive or controversial in some countries might not be in others.However, there have been some movies that have been banned all over the world for portraying excessive violence, gore, sexual content and offensive plots.

Since the dawn of cinema, countless films have been banned. But, as it is impossible to list them all, here are 15 popular films that failed to pass through the censor board one time or the other.


15. I Spit on Your Grave

Date Released: 1978
Reason for Ban: Excessive sexual violence

I Spit on You Grave

14. The Last House on the Left

Date Released: 1972
Reason for Ban: Excessive violence

The Last House on the Left

13. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Date Released: 1982
Reason for Ban: Negative portrayal of adults

The Extra-Terrestrial

12. The Last Temptation of Christ

Date Released: 1988
Reason for Ban: Blasphemous content

The Last Temptation of Christ

11. Brokeback Mountain

Date Released: 2005
Reason for Ban: Portrayal of same-sex relationships

Brokeback Mountain

10. A Clockwork Orange

Date Released: 1971
Reason for Ban: Depiction of excessive graphic and sexual violence

A Clockwork Orange

9. The Interview

Date Released: 2014
Reason for Ban: Controversial plot

The Interview

8. Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Date Released: 1979
Reasons for Ban: Blasphemous anti-Christian plot.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian

7. Fat Girl

Date Released: 2001
Reasons for Ban: Excessive sexual content.

Fat Girl

6. Natural Born Killers

Date Released: 1994
Reason for Ban: Glorification of murder

Natural Born Killers

5. The Evil Dead

Date Released: 1981
Reason for Ban: Graphic violence and terror

The Evil Dead

4. Cannibal Holocaust

Date Released: 1980
Reasons for Ban: Excessive gore, graphic sexual violence and cruelty to animals.

Cannibal Holocast

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Date Released: 1974
Reasons for Ban: Extreme violence.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

2. The Exorcist

Date Released: 1973
Reasons for Ban: Excessive horror


1. Grotesque

Date Released: 2009
Reasons for Ban: Excessive violence, gore.


If you think you know of some other banned movies. Feel free to give your opinions in the comments sections.

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