10 Of The Most Beautiful And Famous Paintings Of All Time

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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” – said the famous French artist Edgar Degas. Paintings have been known to inspire thousands, if not millions to see what their eyes would not. Artists like Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Dali were renowned not just for their beautiful depictions of paint on canvas, but more of the deeper meaning behind these deft touches.

Here is a list of some of the best paintings the world has seen:

1. Monalisa (1503-04)

Painted by: Leonardo Da Vinci

Displayed at: The Louvre



2. Creation of Adam (1508-12)

Painted by: Michelangelo

Displayed at: The Sistine Chapel



3. Starry Night (1889)

Painted by: Vincent Van Gogh

Displayed at: Museum of Modern Art, New York



4. Night Watch (1642)

Painted by: Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

Displayed at: Amsterdam Museum, Rijksmuseum



5. The Scream (1893–1893)

Painted by: Edvard Munch

Located at: National Gallery, Oslo


6. Guernica (1937)

Painted by: Pablo Picasso

Displayed at: Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid


7. The Persistence of Memory (1931)

Painted by: Salvadore Dali

Displayed at: Museum of Modern Art, New York



8. The Last Supper (1495 to 1498)

Painted by: Leonardo Da Vinci

Displayed at: Santa Maria Delle Grazie



9. Girl With A Pearl Earing (1632 to 1675)

Painted by: Johannes Vermeer

Displayed at: Mauritshuis Museum, The Hague



10. Water Lillies (1889 to 1926)

Painted by: Claude Monet

Displayed at: Multiple Museums across the world – a total of 250 of these paintings were painted.



Some of these paintings have been culturally and historically significant, whereas some other of the paintings are noted for their brilliance and master strokes, some others for their incredible creativity, but all are universally recognised pieces that have marvelled the greatest of leaders of the world, as well as the average man in achieving something greater than they could have imagined!

That is a list of some of the best paintings across the world by some of the best painters in the planet.

Do let us know if we have left out any paintings you feel should have made the list in the comments section below!

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