10 Famous Celebrities With Unbelievable Criminal Records

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Whenever we look at celebrities, we feel that they are all flawless and we assume that the only thing that they get in trouble for is alcohol and substance abuse.

However, celebrities like regular people are also humans and they do have a dark side and skeletons in their closet. While some celebrities have had problems with the law over minor scuffles, other have had been arrested and convicted on some pretty heavy charges.

You may know most these celebrities are they are pretty famous in their own field. So are you ready to get shocked? If you are, check out these 10 celebrities who have some unbelievable criminal records.

10. Mike Tyson


This boxing legend has had scuffles with the law since he was 12 when he was arrested for stealing purses. Since then, Tyson has been arrested over 40 times for a wide range of criminal activities ranging from petty theft to aggravated assault.

His committed his most serious crime in 1992 when he was convicted of raping an 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant.

9. Will Smith


No one would expect the Fresh Prince of Bel Air to be involved in again wrongdoings as he always looks very calm and composed. However, Smith wasn’t always a peaceful man as he was arrested for assault in 1989 after he nearly blinded a man.

8. Mark Wahlberg


Wahlberg was a bit of a racist when he was young as there were cases filed against him for his involvement in two separate incidents of harassment of African-American children.

At the age of 16, Wahlberg was arrested and charged with attempted murder for attacking two middle-aged Vietnamese men, one of the men is believed to have been permanently blinded in one eye after the assault.

Although he was initially sentenced to two years for this crime, he only served for 45 days.

7. Jay Z

Right before he became famous, Jay Z was involved in a quarrel in a nightclub where he stabbed a record executive in the stomach. He later plead guilty and received three years’ probation.

6. Stephanie Pratt


Before she found fame in the reality television series The Hills, Stephanie Pratt got into trouble with the law numerous times.

When she was 20, she and a friend were arrested for shoplifting more than $1,300 worth of apparel from a store in Honolulu, when she was working as production assistant on ABC’s hit TV series LOST.

5. Vanilla Ice


The “Ice Ice Baby” hitmaker has had a lot of problems with the law as he has been arrested on numerous occasions over the years.

In 1991, he was arrested for the possession of an illegal firearm after he threatened a homeless man with a gun. Ten years later, he was again arrested for assaulting his wife and pulling some of her hair out.

He was arrested for a third time in 2008 after being charged with battery after reportedly kicking and hitting his wife.

4. Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra was arrested for assaulting Dennis Rodman (her ex-husband) in 1999. The charges were later dropped and both of them were ordered by the court to stay at least 500 feet away from each other.

3. Stephen Fry

British comedian Stephen Fry was arrested when he was 17 for stealing a credit card from a family friend. He was sentenced to three months in Pucklechurch Prison on remand.

2. Cheryl Cole

Just before he landed a place in the band Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole was arrested on charges of racially aggravated assault following an altercation with a bathroom attendant in a nightclub. Although her initial charge was dropped, she was convicted of assault and sentenced to 120 hours of community service.

1. Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct after he was accused of rubbing his crotch against a security officer head. He got off after paying a fine of $4,000.


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