Charge Your Phones And Laptops in 15 Minutes?

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Are you one of those people who is forever running around for a charger, be it your Phone or your Laptop? Enter your new best friend, the Graphene Battery, a superconductor that can speed up the charging process to just 15 minutes.

The Chinese Company, Dongxu Optoelectronic Technology is all set to release the Graphene Battery ‘G King’ that will make it possible for you to charge a Mobile Phone fully in under 15 minutes and a Laptop in just under 20 minutes.

So what is this Graphene?

In lay man’s terms, Graphene is nothing but a compact layer of Pure Carbon. But for all you Science Buffs out there, it is a Crystalline Allotrope of Carbon.

This is not all; besides being a Supercharger, Graphene is one of the thinnest and lightest materials discovered on Earth so far, it is also the strongest Compound ever discovered and Best Conductor of both Electricity and Heat at room temperature.


This by-product of Carbon is further being studied in other essential applications such as Bio-Engineering, Ultra-filtration, Optical Electronics, Photo-voltaic Cells and much much more.

Its physical body can even be bent into almost any shape.

That’s right you will soon be able to have a bendable phone, alongside other flexible gadgets through Graphene. This flexible property of the Compound can be used extensively in all walks of life and considerably reduce waste through its reusable properties.

Although this tech has been available to scientists for research since before 2011, they have been studying the easiest and most eco-friendly way to extract it. On discovering its multi-purpose utilities, the science world was abuzz with excitement. Scientists were spinning dreams of being able to use this technology for Super Capacitors which would revolutionize the whole world.

Impressed yet? Graphene is all set to take over as the material of the future and could advance ‘The Age of Technology’. It is a ll a matter of time!

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