The Most Dangerous and Unsuspecting Animals In The World

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Are you among those who think all animals are cute, cuddly and harmless? Well, some of them like dogs and cats may be, and some others like guinea pigs, cattle and others can be domesticated. However, there are several other species of animals be it a mammal, reptile, insect that cannot be tamed easily. These may appear to be friendly animals but can kill you almost instantaneously without even a clue.

Here is a list of some of these animals:

14. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros are, at most times, quite calm and peaceful. However their tough and bulky body and their horns add to their ferocity, and they do not hold back when threatened. Their bad eyesight is said to be the reason for many of their confrontations.

running rhinoceros images


13. Poison Dart Fog

Said to be one of the most poisonous animals alive, don’t let this magnificent looking creature fool you. One of these could kill 10 men with its poison. Hence its poison is normally used in arrowheads among the tribes of the Amazon.

poison frog


12. Leopard

The Leopard may be smaller than the Tiger or Lion, but they are equally or may even be more dangerous. They are known for their stealth, their instincts, their adaptability and their ability to think quickly, that makes them one of the most dangerous animals out there.



11. Box Jellyfish

We’ve always felt jellyfish are harmless little blobs, but these Box Jellyfish will change your opinion. The least traces of this Jellyfish’s Venom could prove fatal, causing the heart to stop in a matter of minutes.

Box Jelly Fish


10. Boomslang

Found in Sub-Saharan grasslands, the Boomslang is one of the least predictable animals out there. Known as the tree snake it could attack at any time. Despite its small size, many scientists and researchers have lost their lives undermining this creature.



9. Puffer Fish

The Blowfish or The Puffer Fish have come to be known as one of the funnier looking fish out there, but what they don’t know is how dangerous it is. When threatened The Blowfish is known to suck in huge amounts of water that cause it to inflate and then releases a toxin called tetrodotoxin that is known to be 1,200 times more powerful than cyanide or arsenic.



8. Komodo Dragon

Known to take down deer and cattle, the Komodo is no ordinary lizard. It has teeth as sharp as a piranha and while it doesn’t instantly kill its pray, in groups they can be quite scary and have known to be man-eaters as well. They aren’t venomous, though.



7. Tsetse Fly

Called the world’s most dangerous insect, the Tsetse fly spreads a disease called sleeping sickness. The disease can end up affecting you much later, causing a slow torture as they say it kills you slowly. Neurological symptoms, heart and kidney problems are said to be a by-product of the disease.

Tsetse Fly


6. Brazilian Wandering Spider

Also called Banana Spiders , The wandering spider is the most venomous spider in the world. Its ability to remain unseen in plain sight is one of the reasons it is so poisonous. Even the smallest of bites could be life threatening and should be looked into immediately.



5. Echis 

The Echis or the Carpet Viper is known to kill over 20,000 persons per year in the African continent, with some estimates far exceeding that number. The Carpet Viper is stealthy and its scales are smooth and light coloured, making it hard to spot in grasslands and agricultural farmlands. Within a day of the bite, the entire human body will start profusely bleeding before the venom fully kicks in, killing the host.



4. Blue Ringed Octopus

In the shallow waters of Australia, the Blue Ringed Octopus usually attracts its suspects through its beauty. Some people tend to pick up the octopus or touch it accidentally. Even the slightest of touches is enough, and this can cause a host of symptoms, with a slow, eventual death caused by heart failure, not before attacking each of the body organs, though.

Durand Blue Ringed


3. African Elephant

The African Elephant has known to rampaged many parts of the continent, with their wild moods and trampling, they could cause a stampeded or could by themselves take out hordes of people. While this has been on the decline off late, these majestic animals are known to be very protective of their little one’s and will stop at nothing to safeguard them.

African Elephant


2. Saltwater Crocodile

Crocodiles have always been known to be a ferocious species, however, the Australian Saltwater Crocodile is so scary, it is known to even eat the freshwater Crocodiles. They have amazing strength and can weigh up to a tonne. When in water they are unbeatable. They can rip you up in a matter of seconds.



1. Hippopotamus

The Hippo may look harmless, but it is the most dangerous animal in Africa, if not the world even. Like elephants, they are very protective of their young and this causes them to rampage humans or bigger animals. An elephant could take a hippopotamus, but the hippo is known to have the most kills, and more unpredictable than the pachyderm.



That is the list – ‘The Most Dangerous and Unpredictable Animals’ in the world. Check out our next article, and feel free to comment below!

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