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10 Gadgets You Need To Pick Up in 2016

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Technology has reached its most advanced stage and now, we have to start keeping an eye on the Gadgets that will define our future. 2016 brings in the year of technological innovation paving the way for self driven cars, clean energy based gadgets, robots that can effectively communicate and to top it all off, Virtual Reality.

Your watch is never going to be the same again, neither is your mode of transport, the way you go about your daily chores, including heating of water and weigh yourself.

Here are a few of the gadgets to watch out for this year



The Star Theater Planetarium sure does look realistic. Imagine seeing the whole universe before your eyes at just the click of a button.

Sounds like we are nearing the Sci-Fi Age, what with Hoverboards to the Occulus Rift, these gadgets are here to amaze.

Let us know which of these Gadgets is your favorite!


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