Which Is The Happiest Country In The World?

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True happiness, they say, can never be measured. However, the U.N, for the purpose of knowing where their areas of focus need to lie and to measure progress in the fields of health, governance, education, infrastructure and development, poverty, population, income and distribution of wealth have taken to using the Happiness Index.

Culture, tradition, religious tolerance, mannerisms are also taken into consideration in the survey.

This makes it simpler for them to know if these factors actually affect happiness or are they merely numbers.

Here is a list of the happiest people in the world!


10. Sweden 


Swedes are very polite, one of the most gender neutral countries in the world, have relaxed work regulations, take part in environment-friendly initiatives and one of the least crime rates in the world.

9. New Zealand


The Kiwis may be fewer in number, but they have stunning landscapes, hectares of land unexplored, backpacking and adventure sports options with Lord of The Rings locations lining up the different parts of the country, who wouldn’t be happy?


8. Australia


The Aussies love a good joke and love to josh around. They prefer the outdoors to staying in and they love their sports. Probably what puts them in the 8th position of the Happiest Countries in the world.

7. Netherlands (Holland)


The Dutch love to party! Amsterdam has been named the party capital of the world on many occasions and they need no excuse to let their hair down. Also, they are one of the most tolerant countries and invite multi-cultural people to live in harmony in ‘The Orange Country’.

6. Canada


Canada is known to be one of the most open-minded countries in the world. While the rest of the world is debating wars, Canadians would simply prefer to tackle their own problems and watch a game of ice hockey or lacrosse, rather than stir up a nest.

5. Finland 


The Finns will deceive you with their reserved appearances, however, give them a chance and they will chat away their lives with you, even if you are a complete stranger! They are fun-loving and will even go to the extent of poking fun at themselves to make you comfortable.

4. Norway


The Vikings may have originated from Norway, but these people are anything but brutish. They are polite, well-mannered, rational, adventurous and know If your government makes a special law that makes everybody equal and nobody can be judged according to this law(Jante’s Law). However, the people don’t need the law to tell them they are among the happiest people in the world.

3. Iceland


Clean air, fresh water, tasty fish, absence of pollution and traffic makes Iceland not just the healthiest nation in the world, but also the happiest. Their crime rate is almost non-existent and with volcanoes (that rarely erupt) and glaciers lining up the country, the people here just like to chill and kick back, no wonder they are such a jolly bunch!

2. Switzerland 


The term ‘Netflix and Chill’ was probably coined to describe the Swiss. The Swiss are a peace-loving country and they just love to smile! With a view of the breathtaking Alps, who wouldn’t!

1. Denmark 

The Danes are a spirited bunch and why wouldn’t they be? The home to Carlsberg and delicious, mouth watering treats (famous for their pastries), Denmark is known to have an almost uniform distribution of wealth, low unemployment rate, relaxed work policy and they have also been voted among the most beautiful people in the world. They are also said to be the least stressed.

While the happiness of people is a relative matter, the happiness index does have certain pointers for the ‘not so happy countries’ on what they are getting wrong. But the forward minded thinking of most of these countries, clubbed with citizen friendly governance and freedom of speech are probably related to the reason for their people’s happiness.


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