The Most Horrific Serial Killers Of The Century

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The subject of serial killers has always been a hot topic, some fear them, some find them fascinating and some others sympathise with their upbringing.

Research has suggested that these criminals were mostly sociopaths, psychopaths or required serious psychological treatment. Some others are said to be victims of a traumatic childhood.

Ted Bundy was among the most prolific among the Serial Killers of the century, however, there were some who were much more gruesome than the American killer.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Scariest Serial Killers in the last century:


1. Luis Garavito (Colombia)



Recorded Victims: 138

Estimated Victims: 172 to 300


2. Pedro Lopez (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru)



Recorded Victims: 110

Estimated Victims: 300 to 350


3. Daniel Camargo Barbosa (Colombia, Peru)




Recorded Victims: 72

Estimated Victims: 150


4. Pedro Rodriguez Filho (Brazil)


4. pedro-rodriguez-filho-brazilian-serial-killer

Recorded Victims: 71

Estimated Victims: Over 100


5. Kampatimar Shankariya (India)




Recorded Victims: 70

Estimated Victims: Over 70


6. Yang Xinhai (China)



Recorded Victims: 67

Estimated Victims: NA


7. Abdul Djabar (Afghanistan)



Recorded Victims: 65

Estimated Victims: Over 300


8. Andrei Chikatilo (USSR)



Recorded Victims: 53

Estimated Victims: 56


9. Anatoly Onoprienko (USSR / Ukraine)



Recorded Victims: 52

Estimated Victims: Over 52


10. Gary Ridgway (USA)




Recorded Victims: 49

Estimated Victims: Over 90


There have been far worse killers out there who have either gotten away or not been convicted of all the crimes they have committed.


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