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Injured in a Forest Fire, Freddy the Tortoise Gets a Cool 3D-Printed Shell

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A Tortoise in Brazil named Freddy, who was injured during a torrid forest fire lost close to 85% of its shell in the accident. After suffering from two spells of Pneumonia and going for 45 days without eating, this brave survivor was given a fresh lease of life.
Freddy was found by an animals rights volunteer group who aptly call themselves the Animal Avengers.

                                           Freddy with his all new 3D-Printed Prosthetic Shell

Dr. Rodrigo Rabello, a member of the Animal Avengers, remembered when they found the tortoise and recalled naming him after the horror film character Freddy Gruger, because of how the tortoise looked with all its injuries. Rabello, along with three other veterinarians, a dental surgeon, a 3D Designer and an artist worked to build the 3D-Printed Shell that not just saved Freddie, but also got it to look and feel like an actual tortoise. This was no easy job as the team took more than 50 hours of work to get the printing done, with corn-based plastic as the building material. However their efforts were fruitful and Freddy is up and about with his artistic shell.

This wasn’t the first time the Animal Avengers rescued an animal on the verge of death. Three injured toucans, a parrot, and a goose were all part of rescue operations by this group of Good Samaritans. Not only is this a breakthrough in veterinary science this is something the world needs to know about and learn from, hats off to the Animal Avengers, Freddy can now be the first tortoise to enjoy an artificial shell, paving the way for new marvels in veterinary medicine, science and above all else humanity!

StyleBaby Fun

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