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What is your idea of an ideal Diwali Bonus? Some delicious sweets, new clothes, maybe a salary hike?

That is if you are not an employee of Hare Krishna Exports, run by Savji Dholakia. The billionaire Diamond Merchant from Surat has been giving his employees Diwali bonuses to the tunes of Cars and apartments.  




Yes, you heard right, Hare Krishna Exports is handing out Diwali Bonuses that amount to a whopping Rs. 51 Crores (US $76,000) to 1,716 employees who were named the best performers. The bonuses shelled out by the Diamond and Textile manufacturers include 400 Apartments and 1,260 Cars.

What’s more, the down payment for the apartment will be handled by the company, in addition to a monthly instalment of Rs. 5,000!




This year also marks the 50th Anniversary of Hare Krishna Exports, and it earns a healthy profit of Rs. 6,000 Crores.

However, this isn’t the first time such an initiative has been undertaken. The previous Diwali saw the giving away of 491 Cars and 200 apartments to the sum of Rs. 50 Crores (US $74,500).




made headlines when he sent his son, Dravya Dholakia (picture), to Kochi to work with an allowance of Rs. 7,000 and 3 pairs of clothes, despite being brought up in a wealthy household, to show him the value of money.

Savji Dholakia is a true inspiration, not just to his employees but to employers around the world to appreciate the worth of their employees efforts, thereby creating a motivation for the company to move to a progress driven environment.

Hope our bosses are motivated by Savji Dholakia to give a Diwali Bonus such as this!


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