Urban Legends and Myths: The ‘Unlucky Mummy’ that Sank Titanic

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It is common knowledge that most Egyptian Mummies carry ancient curses, and whoever disturbs their resting place will suffer a terrible fate. Generally, the curse is  believed to affect only the ones who disturb the Mummy’s original resting place.

However, there was one Mummy that brought misfortunes and ill-luck to almost all the people within its proximity . Although there is no real evidence to support all that you are about to read, keep an open mind. You can decide for yourself later.

Englishmen were making a lot of progress in archaeology in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Many discoveries were made in Egypt as archaeologists began exploring pyramids in search of historical artifacts.

In the late 1890’s, four wealthy Englishmen funded an excavation in Luxor, where a Mummy was excavated.


The sarcophagus was taken to one of the Englishmen’s hotel room. Soon after, he disappeared and was never seen again. The following day, another of the remaining three was accidentally shot and killed by his servant. The third one contracted malaria and died shortly after.

The last surviving one returned home to discover that the bank he had invested his entire fortune in, had gone bankrupt. Finally, he was reduced to selling matches on the streets.

Meanwhile, the sarcophagus was transported to England after it was purchased by a rich businessman in London. As soon as the Mummy was brought to his house, he began suffering a series of misfortunes. Finally, the sarcophagus was donated to the London Museum.

As the sarcophagus was being unloaded from a truck in the museum courtyard, the vehicle suddenly went into reverse and killed a person. One of the two workers carrying the sarcophagus (to its display in the museum) fell and broke his leg. The other died under mysterious circumstances after a couple of days.

The real trouble began after the mummy was displayed in the museum. The night watchmen complained of hearing strange noises coming from the sarcophagus. Following the death of a night watchman during duty, all the other watchmen quit their jobs and the rest of the employees refused to go near the sarcophagus.


The mummy was finally taken off display after a visitor’s child, who had earlier mockingly flicked a dust cloth at the painted face on the sarcophagus, died of measles.

The museum authorities then decided to stow the Mummy in the basement, thinking that it could do no harm there. However, within a week, one of the employees working in the basement fell seriously ill and his supervisor was found dead on his desk.

A photographer took a picture of the sarcophagus, but when he developed it he reportedly saw a terrifying face. A couple of days later, he was found dead in his apartment of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Eventually, the sarcophagus was sold to an American archaeologist, who dismissed all the misfortunes and death associated with the Mummy as  mere coincidences.


The sarcophagus was on its way to the United States when a ship carrying 1500 passengers collided with an iceberg and went down into the bottom of the Atlantic. This was the ship’s maiden voyage from Southampton to New York in 1912.

Can you guess the name of the ship? It was the RMS TITANIC.

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