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Need A Massage After A Hard Day’s Work? Check Out The AirWear Hoodie

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Ever wanted to get a nice, long massage on returning from a hard day’s work. You can ease up those tense, aching muscles, keep that stress at bay and relax at the same time with a massage. But massages are fairly expensive, and could be quite time consuming.

Why not get your very own masseuse on the go? The AiraWear Hoodie looks to do just this. Imagine a hoodie that can give you a massage. After the Massage chair, inventors have gone to the next level with the Massage Hoodie, which is connected to your phone.



By using Acupressure technology, 6 Plastic Nodes are pushed against your back using an air pump. You can choose what kind of massage you want and where through, and completely personalize your massage experience with an accompanying App. This App also keeps a tab of your day to day activities.

It can be used anywhere; from a workplace to a train or a plane when travelling, or after lunch or after a hard day of work. Anytime you fell stressed just put on your hoodie and lo! Instant relief!

AiraWear was launched by a Singapore based company that has tied up with Kickstarter and is crowdfunded.

The battery life goes up to 3 hours and weighs just 2.6 Pounds.

Besides offering an Acupressure Massage, the AiraWear Hoodie also possesses a posture assessment system that helps in improving posture.


Who wouldn’t love a stress relief gadget on the go? You deserve it!


StyleBaby Fun

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