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People: Then and Now

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Just a decade ago, people need ten different things [book, phone, camera, music player, video game console, comics etc] to keep themselves informed and entertained, now you can have all these things in a single device if you own a smartphone. 

A lot of things have changed with time including our lifestyle, attitude and thinking. Like everything else in this world, change also has its pros and cons.

For example, Facebook has made it easy for us to connect with our friends and relatives no matter where they live, but, at the same time, it has also had made us lazy as we while away our time on it, instead of doing something productive.

So, check out these photos to get a better idea of how the world has changed over the ages.


 1. Computer Storage: Then And Now

Storage Then And Now


2. Parents’ attitude: Then and Now

Parents In 1960 And 2010


3. Toys: Then And Now

Toys Then And Now


4. Televisions and people: Then And Now

Tv’s Then And Now


5. Evolution Of Cellphones

Evolution Of Cellphones


6. Cellphones: Then And Now

Cellphones Then And Now


7. Running: Then And Now

Running Then And Now


8. Gaming: Then And Now

Gaming Then And Now


9. Playing Football: Then and Now

Playing Before And Nowadays


10. Birthdays: Then And Now

Birthdays Then And Now


11. Fighting: Then And Now

Fighting Then And Now


12. Dinner: Then And Now

Dinner Then And Now


13. Life before And After the invention of Smartphones

Before And After Smartphones


14. Evolution Of Pant Fashion

Evolution Of Baggy Pants


15. Computers and People: Then and Now

Size Then And Now


Let’s hope things change for the better in future.

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