Planned Utopian Cities Of The Future That Failed

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We as humans are in a constant search of perfection. We are too disappointed with the past and the present as we are unable to satisfy our desires fully and we feel that the future will have something in store for us to satisfy all our needs.

There were some who took action to try and satisfy this urge of a perfect society, and failed, quite badly. Here are a few of those ‘Utopian’ societies that tried and failed to establish a futuristic city.

1. Magnitogorsk, Russia


2. Ordos, China

Ordos, China

3. Fordlandia, USA


4. Palmanova, Italy


5. Skopje, Yugoslavia / FYRO Macedonia



6. Pruitt-Igoe, St. Louis, Missouri


7. Jonestown, Guyana



Except for Henry Ford’s Fordlandia, Palmanova and the Jonestown, the others were all Government initiatives. Magnitogorsk was the brainchild of Stalin, whereas Fordlandia was a project gone horribly wrong by Henry Ford. Jonestown was probably the most tragic as it involved a mass suicide of the residents there, thanks to Rev. Jim Jones who instructed the devout followers to consume poison in order to ensure their path to heaven. One of the worst mass suicides ever with nearly a 1000 people killing themselves.

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