The Most Popular Tourist Paradise’s In The World

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Everybody wants to save up, but not for a car, nor a house or even a TV. Folks want to travel the world and experience new cultures and traditions. This has set the travel world abuzz with so many people travelling around the world to the hottest locations. 

But where are all these people going with their bags packed?

This list of the most travelled locations around the world may give you an idea


1. Hawaii


Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world, being the first choice for a luxury vacation. Beach, sand, sun, mountains, caves, you got it all in this little piece of heaven.

2. Bahamas


Located off the coast of Miami, Bahamas has always been a luxury destination.This island paradise will get you swimming, surfing snorkelling and enjoying a good tropical drink to give you complete relaxation.

3. London


England’s capital and at one time the world’s capital, London is a city steeped in history and mystery and has been attracting visitors since the Roman times. There are so many monuments and palaces to see besides the city lights, Picadilly Circus and taking a ferry on the Thames.

4. Istanbul



Often regarded as the oldest city in the world, Istanbul has been through a lot, being the bridge between Europe and Asia in medieval times for centuries. This is reflected in the architecture of the city, with both Islamic and Christian roots, as well as the remains of Constantinople.

5. Puerto Rico


Another U.S Province turned holiday paradise, Puerto Rico has it all, luxury homestays, amazing food and beautiful people.

6. Costa Rica


Tropical forests, exotic animals, smoking volcanoes, all with reasonable accommodation. Who wouldn’t want to go here for a vacation?

7. Italy


Rome Museums

Home to the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Italian food, with historic monuments as well as lush landscapes, and the legacy of the Roman Empire, Italy is beautiful and you know it.


8. Jamaica


The Caribbean has always been a prime tourist location, but Jamaica normally steals the show. Exotic fruits, rolling hills, fun loving people and club that with the stunning beaches and you have a vacation you will never forget!


9. Seychelles


Seychelles is an island country located in the Indian Ocean off Africa and these people just love to be hospitable. The country runs on their tourism industry and you will know exactly why. Pristine beaches with guided tours of the breathtaking islands set the mood.

10. Bali



Bali has a combination of both history and scenery with clear beaches, drop dead gorgeous cliffs and surfing paradises it is an asylum for travellers from all over the world. The tsunami may have devastated this paradise, but they have rebuilt themselves and now they are better than ever!

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