Did The Lord Of The Rings Hobbits Really Exist?

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Talk of JRR Tolkien’s writing and one is sure to discuss the highly acclaimed trilogy of ‘The Lord of The Rings’ and the prequel of ‘The Hobbit’. The writer is known to be one of the best fantasy fiction writers of all time, with his numerous books, despite being a 100 years old, still garnering an extensive and ever entertained audience.

It was so widely followed that when Peter Jackson came out with the brilliantly directed ‘Lord of The Rings’ movie series, the world was instantly captivated making it one of the highest-grossing books of all time!



The Hobbit which was recently released as a prequel to the Trilogy was also well received by audiences around the world. The movies follow Bilbo Baggins, the original hero of the Lord of The Rings series, and his past that led to the events of LOTR. The Hobbits were rumoured to be mythical creatures like many other of Tolkien’s characters and were said to be short and small made, peace-loving people (distant relatives of the human race) who lived in comfortable and well-crafted burrowed homes and possessed unusually large feet.

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In 2004, an island in Indonesia called Flores discovered a species of humanoid called Homo Floresiensis or the Flores Man. These beings were known to be distant cousins of the still evolving Homo Erectus, however, they were only waist high in height when compared to the emerging Homo Sapien.




So does that mean that the real life Hobbits actually existed tens of thousands of years ago? If so, where they as similar to Tolkien’s characters? And how did JRR Tolkien come to know of such a species at a time when science wasn’t as advanced as today.

All we know for now is that smaller cousins of the Homo Sapien family did exist and they did appear to be the same height as the Hobbits, although not as advanced physically or mentally.

Was there a connection between The Hobbits from the fictional Middle Earth and the Hobbits of Flores?

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