The Strangest Delicacies From Around The World

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Food is very important to us. Without it, it would be impossible for us to receive the necessary amount of energy we need in our day to day lives. However, food can come in a variety of shapes and sizes in different parts of the world, some which we may find acceptable, and some which can get us heading to the restroom on first glance. 

Remember that time you went for a vacation and a never before seen dish was placed in front of you?

But it is food all the same, and to some people in the world, these are considered traditional delicacies, so we should not be quick to judge.

Here are some of the weirdest delicacies in the world. Proceed at your own risk as some of these could be disturbing or could cause your stomach to cringe.


10. Casu Marzu (Rotten Cheese), Sardinia, Italy



9. Fugu (Puffer Fish), Japan 



8. Kopi Luwak (Coffee beans excreted by the Civet Cat), Indonesia



7. Fried Tarantulas, Cambodia



6. Haggis (Internal Organs of Sheep), Scotland 



5. Balut (Bird Embryo), South East Asia



4. Sannakji (Living Small Octopus), Korea



3. Kiviak (Inuit delicacy of Auks cooked inside hollow Seal body), Greenland



2. Century Egg (Chicken / Duck Eggs preserved for months with salt, lime and ash), China



1. Surströmming (Rotten Fermented Baltic Sea Herring Fish), Sweden



While some of these dishes may be disgusting to look at, some of them are deadly and have caused deaths due to the high level of risk people go through to brave the odds, just for a taste of something different or to keep up their tradition.

The Puffer Fish Fugu dish has been called the most dangerous dish in the world, although this has been subject to speculation.

Hope we didn’t disgust you much with our list of the weirdest and strangest foods from around the world. Do let us know if you feel that you need to add something on the matter, in the comments section below!

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