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This Place Is So Scary It Is Called ‘The Pool of Death’

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Would you like to try your hand in a life and death situation? Swimmers, divers and adrenaline junkies around the world are gathering in Hawaii’s famous Kipu Falls to try and survive what could be said would be the most dangerous swim of their lives. Seasonal changes and fluctuating, unpredictable tides make it close to impossible for even the most experienced of swimmers and divers to tame this “Pool of No Return”.

Check out these kids trying out their hand at conquering the ‘Pool of Death’.


Interestingly, there have been no casualties among the locals although it is said that over a hundred people have died here in the last few decades and 2008 alone saw 16 deaths by the Kipu Falls near the shores of Kauai.

All of those deaths have been among tourists, so be warned, this isn’t your average baby pool we are talking about! If you don’t feel up for the task, just be content watching this natural beauty from afar.

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