The Top 10 Best Music Composers In History

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Music now has become such a norm in society. Take a walk outside and you will hear at least one tune playing through a boombox, a Mobile Phone, a portable speaker, giant speakers or even from a car stereo.

However, music wasn’t always as easily available and free as it is now. At one point, Music was more than just an art, it was a way of life, it was freedom, it was an expression of oneself and it was these times and people that built up the pillars of modern day music.

Some days, you can be lucky enough to stumble across these amazing compositions, some of which were made way back in the 14th Century or earlier even. They still feature in movies now and have been featured since the times of Charlie Chaplin. Let us take a look at the greatest composers of history


10. Franz Joseph Haydn – Austria (1732 to 1809)



9. George Frederick Handel – Germany / England (1685 to 1759)



8. Robert Schumann – Germany (1810 to 1856)

Robert Schumann


7. Frederick Chopin – Poland (1810 to 1849)



6. Franz Schubert, Austria (1797 to 1828)



5. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – Russia (1840 to 1893)



4. Richard Wagner – Germany (1813 to 1883)



3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Austria (1756 to 1791)



2. Johann Sebastian Bach – Germany (1685 to 1750)



1. Ludwig van Beethoven, Austria / Germany (1770 to 1827)



Think about the first time you heard the soothing sound of music, it would not have reached such a scale without these famous composers. Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Wagner were not just artists or composers, but they inspired generations of music, music composition, orchestras and most of all, the people who heard them.

They have inspired generations to pursue music and harmonics as a profession and hence have contributed majorly to the current music industry as well as classical music. So next time you like a song that is making its rounds on the radio, TV, internet or you just hear a tune, do remember to thank these brilliant composers for their outstanding contribution to the field.


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