The Top 10 Largest Lakes In The World By Area

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Water is a necessity for us to sustain life on Earth. Yet, even though 2/3rds of the world’s surface area is covered by water, access to this water is not easy.

Lakes, both freshwater and salt-water, are an important source of  transport, inland temperature, drinking, agriculture, bathing, washing and much more. They can also act as natural reservoirs by trapping rain water and preventing it from getting wasted.

Most of North America’s inland areas are watered by lakes, without which they would be deserts. The same goes for Russia and parts of Asia and Africa as well.

Here are the Largest Lakes in the world and where they are located:


10. The Great Slave Lake

Area: 27,000 km2

Volume: 1,560 km3

Location: Canada

Distinctions: Deepest Lake in North America



9. Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa)

Area: 29,500 km2

Volume: 8,400 km3

Location: Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania

Distinctions: Contains most amount of water life among all the lakes



8. The Great Bear Lake

Area: 31,000 km2

Volume: 2,236 km3

Location: Canada

Distinction: Largest Lake in Canada



7. Baikal Lake

Area: 31,500 km2

Volume: 23,600 km3

Location: Russia

Distinction: Largest Freshwater (by volume) Lake in the World and Deepest Lake in the World



6. Lake Tanganyika

Area: 32,600 km2

Volume: 18,900 km3

Location: Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Zambia

Distinction: Longest Freshwater Lake in the World



5. Lake Michigan

Area: 58,000 km2

Volume: 4,900 km3

Location: The United States of America

Distinctions: Largest Lake within a country



4. Lake Huron

Area: 59,600 km2

Volume: 3,540 km3

Location: Canada, The United States of America

Distinctions: The Largest Freshwater Lake Island in the World, Manitoulin Island, is found here.


3. Victoria Lake

Area: 68,870 km2

Volume: 2,750 km3

Location: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania

Distinction: Largest Lake in Africa, Largest Tropical Lake in the World



2. Lake Superior

Area: 82,100 km2

Volume: 12,100 km3

Location: Canada, The United States of America

Distinction: Largest Freshwater (by area) Lake in the World



1. Caspian Sea

Area: 436,000 km2

Volume: 78,200 km3

Location: Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan

Distinction: Largest Saltwater Lake and Largest Lake in the World


Thats the compilation that makes the list of the Largest Lakes in the World in terms of area. Aral Sea used to be the 4th biggest in area, but due to mismanagement by Soviet governments it has almost completely dried up.

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