Top 5 Gadgets For Your Computer

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Bored of your PC or Laptop? Tired of your PC Experience being limited?

Here are some of the latest innovations in technology to revolutionise your daily computer experience.

Multiple screens for your laptop that you can carry anywhere to portable phone chargers that can act as USB Readers, basically a Universal Charger for all your needs.

Or what about the laser projection mouse that uses infrared signals to project a light based mouse to be used for professional purposes?

The Wireless Scanner Mouse isn’t far behind. It allows you to scan any document and project it onto a screen. Yes, that includes pictures from magazines and books.

Even editing of these documents is possible using the Scan Wireless.

motion sense


The one that takes the cake though is the Leap Motion – Motion Controller. That’s right! With just your fingers you can play God to your PC with everything from designing, editing, playing shooter games, and much much more.

You can virtually use your computer and perform these tasks with ease with the Leap Motion – Motion Controller.

These cool inventions are bound to bolster your Computer experience and do so much more for you! Who knows what else is in the cards with technology rapidly progressing every second of our lives?

We will just have to wait and find out!

Let us know what you think of these Gadgets of The Future in the Comments section below.

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