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Five Beautifully Written Video Games

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People have always enjoyed listening to stories. Earlier, people used to exchange stories and tales with each other over a fire or a meal.

Later people began telling stories through writing in the form of poems, prose and novels. Today, there are more mediums of storytelling including radio, comics, movies, TV shows and video games.

While reading a book or watching a movie simply makes you a spectator, videos make you feel more involved. As a result, video games have gained immense popularity over the last two decades.

Most video games these days (except sport video games including FIFA, NFL, NBA) contain a plot or a storyline. Like movies and books, some video games have good plots while others do not.

So if you are looking to play a video game with a good storyline, check out these five video games with the best plots.

1. Silent Hill

Genre: Survival Horror

Released: 1999

Console: PS1

The plot follows centres around protagonist Harry Mason, who uncovers many mysteries while searching for his daughter in the abandoned town of Silent Hill.


2. Shadow of Memories

Genre: Adventure

Released: 2001

Console: PS2, Xbox 360, Windows


A beautifully written video game where the lead character Eike Kusch travels through time to unmask his murderer.


3. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Genre: Action Adventure

Released: 1998

Console: PS1

The game centres around two Japanese ninja assassins Rikimaru and Ayame, who work as spies to eliminate corruption and gather intelligence in medieval Japan.


4. Shadow of the Colossus

Genre: Action Adventure

Released: 2005

Console: PS2, PS3


The game’s plot focuses on a young man named Wander who enters a forbidden land and goes in search of sixteen giants (called colossi) to bring his lover back to life.


5. God of War

Genre: Action Adventure

Released: 2005

Console: PS2


The game’s plot, which is loosely based on Greek mythology, focuses on Kratos, who attempts to free himself from the influence of the gods.


Do you know of any other games with good storylines? Feel free to comment.

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