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What Does Outer Space Sound Like? Ancient Star Vibrations That Sound Like Music!

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What does outer space sound like? A group of scientists, or Asteroseismologists from The University of Birmingham have been measuring star vibrations, and some of their findings have turned out to be quite amusing.

Asteroseismology is the study of researching hidden sounds in the universe, and in turn, Asteroseismologists can be able to ascertain the composition of ancient stars and receive acres of data on the planet, as well as insight into the mysteries of the universe by listening and studying star vibrations of ancient stars. These stars have been transmitting tunes for billions of years telling us their stories.

When some of these ancient stars from the oldest areas of the Milky Way Galaxy were being studied, the scientists picked up something weird. It was almost like a DJ testing out his sounds on the crowd, or maybe there is an alien DJ trying to interact with us. Who knows? It does sound like something from the future. Here give it a listen and you be the judge, you will be thoroughly surprised!



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