When Zuckerberg’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest Accounts Got Hacked!

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The founder of Facebook and the subject of the movie ‘The Social Network’, Mark Zuckerberg, was not spared by hackers himself. His Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts were all hacked with some social media shaming too. Zuckerberg’s account was defaced by a hacker who goes by the name of OurMine and was responsible for having access to 118 million passwords hacked from LinkedIn’s password database.

The ultimate hacker insult was tweeting from Zuckerberg’s account – “Hey, @finkd You were in Linkedin Database with the password “dadada”! DM for proof” and then proceeding to change the Pinterest account name to “Hacked by OurMine Team”. That is the social media equivalent to a thief who ransacks your home and then proceeds to spray-paint the words “You got robbed” all over your house. And that’s when the memes started. How embarrassing!



So remember everyone! Whatever happens, do not reuse passwords, you never know who could hack you, when and with what social network, no matter who you are! Well, if even the CEO of the biggest social network in the world couldn’t protect his accounts from these hackers, and was guilty of reusing passwords, you could very well be next!!

StyleBaby Fun

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